Michele, Australia – Japan in Winter Photographic 2016

Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of Jun, he made the trip so memorable and manageable from our perspective, his flexibility and amenable nature with that dry sense of humour was an absolute delight, his network of friends with their bird locating skills was so useful, and then the way he managed to re-arranged everything and get us to Rasu on time, despite a snow storm that closed airports and roads, was nothing short of amazing.

The way that the trip unfolded, as we moved from one location to the next, each day just got better and better with the final stint in Hokkaido being very special. I can think of no better way to complete the trip than staying with Takeyoshi and his lovely wife at Lodge Fuhren. I still have this picture in my head of them both standing out the front of their lodge waving us goodbye on our departure, and I regret not pulling out the camera and capturing that moment.