Roger Jaensch

As a boy Roger learnt about birds and their nests and explored wetlands around the family orchard on the Murray River and Lower Lakes in South Australia. His tall height was already an advantage in these pursuits! With encouragement from parents and other adult mentors, he developed a lifelong interest in birds and their conservation.

Roger’s  33 years as a professional wetland and waterbird conservationist widened his knowledge of birds through assignments across Australia, especially in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Residence and work for several years in Malaysia and  later in South Korea provided familiarity with birds of SE and NE Asia from equatorial rain forests to boreal habitats. His favourite places to study birds include the grasslands and marshes of Mongolia, Australia’s savannah regions, the reed-beds of southern Australia , the desert of the Channel country and the Lake Eyre Basin.

Roger has led volunteer and professional teams in the field, including short expeditions to remote regions. He has  long-term interests in learning bird calls, detection of secretive species (bitterns, crakes, snipe) and understanding the vegetation communities that birds inhabit. His advice on birds is widely sought by government and private organisations.

Roger first led tours for us in 2013 and is available for tours particularly in guiding in Mongolia and Queensland and also elsewhere in Australia and Asia.