Kelvin Marshall

Kelvin MarshallHome for Kelvin Marshall is North Queensland, Australia where he is employed as a full-time interpretive driver/guide with a strong focus on nature based touring.  He considers himself to be a perfectionist and is extremely passionate about his subject matter especially in relation to the preservation and protection of wildlife species and areas both here in Australia and South East Asia.

Over the course of 20 years, Kelvin has travelled extensively overseas with a special focus on South East Asia, Africa and Europe.  He has been very fortunate to photograph some of the last remaining wilderness regions throughout S.E. Asia where it has given him the opportunity both to view and photography the diverse, unique and rare species of the flora and fauna of these sensitive areas.

Kelvin’s life –long fascination and empathy with the natural world is immediately apparent from the photos he takes many of which have won awards and appear regularly in international magazines and publications. His extensive knowledge and enthusiasm along with experience in the field will make all the difference to your success and enjoyment on tour.

One region of the world which keeps drawing him back is Malaysia Borneo, an island that conjures images of darkness and mystery, has long nourished the imagination of biologists and travellers alike.  The Malaysian State of Sabah, has perhaps the best –protected areas on the island. From the heights of Mount Kinabalu the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea and a World Heritage site to pristine coral –fringed islands with vast tracts of lush forest between. This diversity supports a tremendous array of endearing and intriguing species –there are mammals, lizards, snakes and frogs that glide, fish that “walk” on mud, monkeys that dive and swim and plants that eat insects.