Dr. Tapio Linderhaus

Dr. Tapio LinderhausTapio is a natural born german biologist. Growing up between fishtanks filled with newts and salamanders, terrariums with caterpillars and keeping all sorts of small mammals and birds rescued from the streets. He got first into contact with science as young as 13 when he started to volunteer at the local ornithological station.  He soon started his own projects with special emphasis on conservation and habitat managment and got highly awarded by then Environment Secretary Angela Merkel, now Federal Chancellor.

He spend four years as a Phd student in one of the remotest parts of the Amazon studying arthropod communities in the rainforest canopy. After finishing his Phd as tropical ecologist he went back to South and Central America to work in Conservation projects in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama focusing on marin turtles and monkeys. In 2003 while teaching at the Universidad de Chiriquí in Panama he set up his own conservation project to protect the last remaining populations of the endemic Squirrel monkey.

In 2011 Tapio moved with his family to Far North Queensland. While looking after his son he worked as a research volunteer for his partner and helped to build up the Australian living collection of Orchids at James Cook University. He soon came into contact with nature tourguiding working for highly specialized companies doing day and night tours.

Tapio is an experienced and well published wildlife and nature photographer who loves to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. Scince 2000 he operates a very successful environmental consultancy.