The United Arab Emirates and Oman are independent desert countries and are a must for any serious birder. Beautiful, stark desert scenery, lush oases and a clear blue sea all feature in this trip. Increasingly popular as tourist destinations building, road building and general development are a key feature of the region. However it is still possible to get away from it all. An extension to Kuwait will make sure of the Grey Hypocolius, the only member of its family, at its wintering ground.

A key area for Palaearctic migrants, this is a great place for wheatears with Desert, Isabelline, Hooded, Hume's S. Arabian, Eastern Pied and Red-tailed (Persian) all likely. We visit three main areas, starting with the Dubai hinterland where we will have our first chance of Hypocolius, plus desert species such as Cream-coloured Courser, Hoopoe Lark, Black-crowned Finch-lark and Plain Leaf Warbler. We then fly down to the bird rich area of Salalah in Southern Oman where we will be looking for birds such as Hume's Owl, Verreaux's Eagle, Arabian Partridge and Ruppell's Weaver with a chance of Golden-winged Grosbeak. The last major area we visit is the Qitbit desert oases temporary home to wintering migrants such as Long-legged Buzzard, Desert Lesser White-throat and Bluethroat.

Popular Locations: UEA, Oman

    Socotra (Currently Unavailable)

    4 Days

    This exciting 4 day tour offers you the opportunity to bird this rarely visited region – the newly opened and long geographically isolated island of Socotra. Lying off the coast of Somalia, Socotra was separated from mainland Arabia and Africa in prehistoric times.

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