Solomon Islands

The Solomon archipelago is remarkable for the high degree of endemism amongst pigeons, monarchs, fantails, myzomelas and white-eyes. It also has a couple of near legendary flightless rails and some of the least known birds on the planet. Many of these endemics are limited to specific islands and a great deal of island hopping on small boats and small planes is required to see as many of them as possible. Hiking up into the mountains to reach the more remote bird sites is also a feature of Solomons birding and visitors need a good level of fitness for many of the itineraries below.

Tourism has only recently taken off in the Solomons and there are still a number of places where the more intrepid birder will need to camp or stay in a very basic village guest house but in other places there is the option of comfortable western style hotels and very pleasant resorts. Diving, FIshing, Surfing and War Tourism are becoming increasingly popular and there are some very interesting initiatives for those wanting to find out more about local culture and the local wildlife in general.

We offer a number of itineraries both for the hard core birder, for wildlife enthusiasts and and for those who would like to combine birding with looking at culturally based activities.

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Best time to visit:April - October
Popular Locations: Gizo, Munda, Tirotonga