Birding, Wildlife & Photographic tours to Madagascar

Madagascar, officially known as the Republic of Madagascar is located off the coast of East Africa. It is made up of the island of Madagascar and numerous smaller peripheral islands. Following the break up of the prehistoric super continent Madgascar split off from the Indian peninsuala 88 million years ago which allowed its plants and animals to evolve in relative isolation. This has made is a biodiversity hotspot with over 90% of its wildlife and 80% of its plants  found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar is a unique place to visit.

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Best time to visit:November, December
Popular Locations: Avenue of the Baobabs, Kirindy Reserve


The very best Madagascar tours
Blue Vanga © Phil Gregory

    Madagascar Photographic

    7 Days (12 days with extension)

    This 7 day tour is designed primarily for photographers and is not set up to achieve huge lists of birds and animals but rather aims to allow for some great photographs of a variety of birds, lemurs and chameleons and also…

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    Amber Mt Rock Thrush © Phil Gregory

      Madagascar Rarities

      16 Days (21 days with extension)

      Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and is one of the world’s major zoogeographic regions. This 16 day tour sets out to see those species not usually seen on a standard Madagascar itinerary. This tour has a possible extension for…

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