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With 12 of the 15 West African Upper Guinea endemic species occurring in Ghana and a total avifauna of over 755 species of birds plus a variety of mammals and an amazing butterfly fauna, Ghana is a must visit destination for any birding and nature enthusiast. With birds such as the White-necked (Yellow-headed) Picathartes and the Egyptian Plover amongst its avifauna it is not difficult to see why it is fast becoming a popular destination amongst birders.

Its safe, friendly and hassle free environment and the most developed infrastructure of any West African country means travel is relatively easy. From the coastal lagoons the habitat changes  to grassland savannah which leads into Upper Guinea rainforest then broad leaved Guinea woodland  finally touching the Sahel savannah plains in the far north.  Ghana offers a thorough coverage of all the core west African habitats.

Ghana also has a rich, vibrant cultural identity waiting to be discovered in addition to exceptional birds and wildlife for nature lovers. With its many historical sites recognised by UNESCO and its recent colonial past Ghana has a lot to offer any traveller with an interest in history.

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Best time to visit:April
Popular Locations: Mole National Park, Kakum, Shai Forest,

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    15 Days

    This 15 day bird & wildlife tour visits Ghana, a West African country has only recently become popular with birders. It is one of the easiest places to see the rare White-necked Picathartes, and has a supporting case of a good…

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