The continent of Africa is a must see destination for anyone interested in birds & wildlife. It offers huge variety of habitats, from deserts such as the Sahara or the Namib,  through the equatorial jungles along the equator to the more temperate regions of the south. To see its wealth of wildlife we can take you on safari in some of the best parks on the continent, Why not try trekking for Chimpanzees or Gorillas or taking a boat out into Mabamba Swamp to see the bizarre looking Shoebill in Uganda, or search for the rare nocturnal Aye-Aye in Madagascar or watch Egyptian Plovers act as dental hygienists to crocodiles on the Ghanaian border with Burkina Faso. For those who like to learn more about the countries they are visiting try a tour with a cultural section- learn about the slaving history  or how to make Kente Cloth in Ghana or visit the stone churches  carved out of the rocky hills at Lalibella  in Ethiopia.

With a variety of tours of different lengths and with different focusses we regularly visit   both  mainland and in island destinations.


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Best time to visit:All Year Round
Popular Locations: Madagascar, Ghana, Uganda

Tours in Africa

Bird, Wildlife, Photographic & Cultural tours in Africa


    11 Days

    This 11 day bird tour visits the Comoros, situated to the north west of Madagascar these islands are an easy add-on for travellers to that destination.

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      15 Days

      This 15 day bird & wildlife tour visits Ghana, a West African country has only recently become popular with birders. It is one of the easiest places to see the rare White-necked Picathartes, and has a supporting case of a good…

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        Uganda – Gorillas & more

        14 Days

        One of our favourite destinations Uganda offers us both birds and wildlife. From Muchison Falls in the north to Bwindi in the Albertine Rift, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Mbira Forest are all great destinations. Highlights of the tour…

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        Blue Vanga © Phil Gregory

          Madagascar Photographic

          7 Days (12 days with extension)

          This 7 day tour is designed primarily for photographers and is not set up to achieve huge lists of birds and animals but rather aims to allow for some great photographs of a variety of birds, lemurs and chameleons and also…

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          Amber Mt Rock Thrush © Phil Gregory

            Madagascar Rarities

            16 Days (21 days with extension)

            Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and is one of the world’s major zoogeographic regions. This 16 day tour sets out to see those species not usually seen on a standard Madagascar itinerary. This tour has a possible extension for…

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