Trip Planning Services

Everyone’s approach to birding is different. Some people like guided tours, some people like to go it alone and some people like a mixture of the two. There is no doubt that you will see more birds with an expert guide than you will on your own in a strange location, but for many people that is not important. They get far more pleasure out of finding their own birds than having them pointed out to them. Others have special birds they are particularly keen to see and might like to hire a guide just for those, birding by themselves for the rest of the holiday. Many people of course don’t just want to see birds but would like to see mammals, plants and places of special interest as well.

Even in this age of the Internet many people find it difficult to plan their upcoming trips. Sometimes it is because of time restraints and sometimes because the sheer volume of information out there is just too much. How do you, a stranger, know who are the good guides in the area? How do you know which of the umpteen suggested locations is best for a particular species? After all, some places claim key species which may no longer be there! How do you know which hotel is birder friendly or best suited for where you want to be? Asking friends who have already been to an area is one way, but they probably had the same problems deciding as you and may well have missed that special place or species because of it.

We are being increasingly asked to set up self-drive/ self-guided tour itineraries for individuals and small groups in areas we regularly take tours. We know the birder friendly accommodation in all the prime spots and we know the best guides.  Let us help you organise the type of tour you really want to go on.

All you need to do is:

  • give us your wants list
  • let us know how much time you have
  • let us know the type of accommodation you want ie. camping, backpackers, self-catering, B&B, hotels etc.
  • let us know if you want a local guide in any particular area or for any particular species

What we do is:

  • offer you sample itineraries
  • give you a costing for the itinerary you choose
  • provide information about the places you are going to be visiting
  • book accommodation as required
  • book transport as required
  • arrange a local guide where required (if available)
  • provide a bird list for the area you are visiting
  • provide mud maps for the best bird sites in the areas you are visiting

If you feel we can help you in any way with your itinerary please contact us. Our fees are very reasonable and we are always pleased to share our expertise in this area with you.